Whiskey Drinkers Glass

Rs. 999.00
Whiskey Drinkers Glass
When something is so loved, it is only natural that we intervene and make it cooler. So we present to you the Happily Unmarried Whiskey Drinker's Glass.They are just right for drinking whiskey. Our research team had to consume a lot of whiskies in all kinds of glasses to come up with this. (Yes, we take our research very seriously). Enjoy your whiskey in a glass which gives it respect, and promise us you will never put a "risky after whiskey" sticker on the back of your automobile.
We searched high and low (mostly high) to select the right whiskey glass. We are happy to let you know that you will not be disappointed with the quality of this glass.The sad bit is that we had to source the glass from Europe, as no one in India produces this quality of glassware.
Dimension: 3.25"3.25"x3.5"
Material: Glass
Set of 4

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