Peg Measurer

Rs. 599.00
Peg Measurer
This is actually a peg measure. You know that silly thing which people use to decide whether it is going to be a chota or bada? What you cannot see in the picture is the steel cup inside the barrel and two very drunk people who were lying on the floor when the shoot was happening. We go out of the way to provide quality products, so we emptied god knows how many bottles of booze to check the autheticity of measurements. We are proud to say that the pegs measure 30ml and 60ml and the cups inside are genuine stainless steel.
Faq: Momma Why is this peg measurer so strong ?
Fra (frequently replied answers): Because it's got steel inside beta.
Smart Kid question II: So you mean if the peg measurer had eaten spinach it would have iron inside ?
Smart Mom answer: No beta but if the peg measurer was really good at browsing the net and had great processing speeds then it surely would have Intel inside.
(End of discussion smart mom wins hand down)
Size: 3" x 3" x 4"
Material: Iron & Stainless Steel

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