Papa Kehte Hai - Tee

Rs. 549.00

Bollywood lovers rejoice! Celebrating what is arguably the most popular song of all time, with a dad’s dreams for his baby son… Just what is needed to make your favourite baby boy that much cuter!

The tees have a button closure at the neck, for easy wearing.

Kindly made with 100% organic cotton, and organic dyes.

Please Note:
1. Sizes given as an estimate, may vary slightly from piece to piece. 
2. Everything is made from organic knit cotton, a stretchy material.
Sizing Chart

Onesies and Tees Size Chart

0-3 months

Height of Garment 34cm Chest Circumference 43cm Waist Circumference 42cm
3-6 months Height of Garment 38cm Chest Circumference 49cm Waist Circumference 49cm
6-12 months Height of Garment 42cm Chest Circumference 50cm Waist Circumference 50cm
12-18 months Height of Garment 35cm Chest Circumference 51cm Waist Circumference 51cm
18-24 months Height of Garment 37cm Chest Circumference 52cm Waist Circumference 52cm





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